COVID19 Response

Here at Sunset Clean & Pest Management we are taking the Covid19 (SARS-COV-2)  outbreak seriously and following any Qld Government mandate when required

If there is further outbreaks, we will still be taking on work but will implement the following procedures to help minimise exposure to our workers and our clients. As the situation with Covid19 is ever changing, the measure we take may also change.

  - Nitrile gloves will be worn by our staff on all jobs where we perceive a risk

  - Face masks will be available to our staff to use in tenanted properties. If the risk of exposure is heightened we may respectfully request that tenants remain outside of the building while we carry out any work. If for any reason they are required to stay in the house or office we would request that they also wear face masks. We will not be attending any jobs where someone is self-isolating or deemed to be at risk due to their recent travels or interaction with overseas travellers. Risks will be assessed on a case by case basis.

  - Any empty houses should have all other cleaning activities completed before our work commences. This will help to avoid unnecessary interaction with other trades where there may be a potential risk.

  - If necessary, all hard surfaces touched by our staff during their visit will be cleaned with disinfectant. Tiles and vinyl floors will be mopped with disinfectant after finishing.

  - All gear used onsite will be cleaned after each job to minimise risk of contaminants being carried to the next job.

  - Cashless payments are preferred. We carry eftpos for ease of payment or we can take card payment over the phone. Our commercial clients will continue to receive emailed invoices

UPDATE: 11/01/2022 - With the latest Omicron variant now present in Queensland and in the Central Highlands region, Sunset Clean has taken steps to ensure we can continue to service our current bookings to the best of our ability. At this time, all our staff have chosen to be vaccinated. We respect the choices of others and may take extra precautions with clients who are unvaccinated to ensure everyone can stay safe. 

For the most up-to date information about COVID19 and any restrictions in place, please refer to the Queensland Department of health website: