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Releasit DS Encapsulation Cleaning Technology


Releasit Encap-Clean DS (Double Strength) contains a unique crystallizing polymer technology which enables remaining encapsulated soil to be extracted from the carpet with subsequent post vacuumings. The crystallized detergent residue cannot attract soil so resoiling is minimized. Fast cleaning production rates. Deep penetrating cleaning. Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing is required. Reduces wicking and recurring spill stains. Safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber. Non-sticky residue will not attract other soil.

Releasit DS is a great choice for spot cleaning general soiling issues in Commercial or Domestic situations and on fabric upholstery. Can be used to freshen up traffic areas between annual carpet cleaning.

Lightly scented with tea tree oil, this product leaves the area smelling fresh and clean.

Commercial carpet cleaning
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