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Water Damage and Restoration

​A flood event in your home is never convenient.

Events such as a hot water system bursting, a burst water pipe, a leak from a shower or air conditioner, or flooding from a storm can cause a tremendous disruption to your home. 

Carpets that become inundated may take weeks to dry on their own meaning that there is a health risk in your home from mould that will start to appear. Mould will become active as soon as the moisture is present and in as little as two days will be affecting the air quality in that room. 

In a significant event where water has penetrated ceiling and wall cavities, mould can soon be growing out of sight in these spaces.

Our Flood Restoration strategies mean that we can extract the excess water efficiently and dry the affected areas very rapidly.

​Our aim in flood restoration is to minimise the disruption to your household, minimise the damage done in the flood event, and minimise the health risks to your family.

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