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Pest Management

Pest Management Strategies start at home with non chemical methods such as eliminating food and water sources, blocking up access holes and pruning shrubs and trees away from the buildings. These are just some ways to lessen the damage that can be done by pest infestations. 

Rodent management is very important as they are a disease vector and they can do substansial damage to our properties and food stocks if left unchecked.

Cockroaches also carry disease and can reproduce very quickly in favourable conditions making them the number 1 insect pest in Australia. Good housekeeping practices and storage of bulk food in sealed containers can make our environment less inviting to them.

Fleas and Ticks are a common problem with the presence of pets in a large percentage of Australian homes. Regular washing of the pet and its bedding in hot water as well as ingested Flea and Tick treatments, can go a long way to avoiding a flea infestation.

Spiders are a common sight around our houses in summer. Regular brushing or vacuuming of the webs can keep their numbers at bay. 

We aim to make our pricing for pest management as simple as possible but prices will vary on your specific needs and location. Please contact us to discuss a one off tratment or an ongoing management plan

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